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Your digital assistant to improve students' oral expression and comprehension 

1 - A community of teachers to create virtual exchange classrooms and engage students with pen pals.

2 - Data and tools to track students' work and monitor their progress.
3 - V
ideo content to create language activities

Our pedagogical approach


Motivate students to speak 

Put students in a situation where they can talk without pressure with pen pals of their own age who share the same interests, so that they can enjoy speaking another language.

Develop autonomy in learning
Secure digital resource available on all devices

Enhance oral skills
Reach the required level of oral expression and comprehension
To facilitate access to higher education and the job market

What teachers say

"My students were excited to interact with pen pals of the same age... It really helped them feel more comfortable talking in class.”

Valerie, English teacher

The website is fun and easy to use. I really enjoyed being able to connect with other teachers to create virtual exchange classes."

Jennifer, FLE teacher

"I didn’t need to motivate them! My students were very excited to meet their pen pals.”

Pascal, Spanish high school teacher

Beegup is developed with the support of the French Ministry of National Education

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