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Cérémonie de remise des diplômes

The secure network for your children to speak foreign languages with pen pals and make rapid progress in speaking

1 - Create your community of pen pals
2 - Speak safely within the platform using conversational tools (audio, video and text)
3 - Daily access to video news
4 - Measure your level and evaluate your progress with on-demand CEFR-certified placement tests
5 - Work with your teacher

Beegup is developed with the support of the French Ministry of Education

Member Affinef

Among the 4 language skills, oral expression is the most important to progress.

Beegup enables linguistic exchanges for everyone to promote equal opportunities



What the students say

"...Speaking with a pen pal is appealing to me because it's not a big deal if you make mistakes... I feel more comfortable speaking."

Martin's Mom

"I like talking with a pen pal because I can make mistakes and that's okay."

Lola, 2nd

"Before speaking with my pen pals, I wasn't really sure if I would be able to understand everything - it reassured me!"

Mohamed, 1st

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